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What is the Professional Referral Organization all about?

We are a professional networking organization dedicated to the enhancement of our members' financial and business success through the exchange of business referrals.
The key words being "business referrals".
The essence of networking is meeting people and letting them know what products and services you provide.
The reward is an opportunity for more sales and generating positive word-of-mouth that reaches the ears of potential clients.

PRO offers a great potential to build your business, without hiring a sales force. That alone is a huge benefit!

Let me briefly summarize the advantages of being a PRO member:

  • PRO membership helps to promote your business with positive word-of-mouth referrals. We will be your "sales representatives" with our family, friends, associates and clients. In other words, you will essentially have all of the PRO members as your sales force.
  • PRO allows only one member for each business category. This means you will not be competing with another business for the same clientele. That's what makes this a real power group!
  • PRO has regular weekly morning meetings. The President will open the meeting by introducing New Members and Guests.
  • Everyone including guests give a 30 second commercial on their business and how we can help refer them more business.
  • We then cover the most rewarding part, referral leads.
  • Then the PRO member assigned to be the Business of the Week will have 15 minutes to promote their business, show samples, etc, so that we can be better prepared to help you get more leads and more business!

Business of the Week
Presentation Schedule

  • TBD

PRO Member Bulletin Board

Meeting Location
We are meeting at the VC Community Center located at 28246 Lilac Road
7:45am - 8:45am every Tuesday.

2018 Referrals (to date)
- 1001
Member Referrals
- 708
Directory Flyers distributed

2017 Referrals
- 1865
Member Referrals
- 1428
Directory Flyers distributed

2016 Referrals
- 1032
Member Referrals
- 1060
Directory Flyers distributed

2015 Referrals
- 900
Member Referrals
- 838 Directory Flyers distributed

2014 Referrals
- 1149
Member Referrals
- 1038 Directory Flyers distributed

2013 Referrals
- 1172
Member Referrals
- 1365 Directory Flyers distributed

2012 Referrals
- 1012 Member Referrals
- 1176 Directory Flyers distributed

2011 Referral Totals
- 677 Member Referrals
- 346 Directory Flyers distributed

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